307: Engaging Latino Families/Entendiendo La Cultura Latina y Su Familia

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Overhead #1: Instrucciones para su Nombre Papel/ Spanish version of Name Tent

Overhead #2: Learning Objectives / Objetivos de para Aprender
Overhead #3: Reflections / Reflexiones
Overhead #4: Identifying Who’s in the Picture? /¿Quién Estás Aquí?
Overhead #5: Hidalgo’s Levels of Culture / Estructura de la Cultura por Hidalgo
Overhead #6: Common Areas of Intrafamilial Conflict-Concern for Latino Families and Immigrants / Areas Intrafamiliar de Discordia-Inquietud para Familias y Inmigrantes Latinos
Overhead #7: Cultural Components in the Casework Relationship / Componentes Cultural en Relaciones del Trabajador a Social
Overhead #8: The Impact of Culturally Competent Practice/ El Práctico Competente

PowerPoint Items:
307 Engaging Latino Families/Entendiendo La Cultura Latina y Su Familia
Powerpoint Handouts

PARTICIPANT CD (Resource Manual):
Section A: History and Background
Section B: Migration and Immigration
Section C: Spiritual Influences
Section D: Other Cultural Information
Section E: Prevalence of Latinos in Pennsylvania
Section F: Sample Letters
Section G: Audio Dictionary Guidesheets
Section H: Resources

Poster #1: Agenda/ Agenda (printed on neon orange paper)
Poster #2: ¿Cómo me beneficiará?/ What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM) (printed on green paper)
Poster #3: Estacionamiento/ Parking Lot (printed on pastel blue paper)
Poster #4: Reglas del Adiestramiento / Training Room Rules (printed on peach paper)
Poster #5: Veo de la Población Latina en Pennsylvania/ Overview of Pennsylvania’s Latino Population (multi-colored lettering on white paper, laminated)
Poster #6: Pasando por las Obstrucciones / How to Get Around Barriers (printed on neon yellow paper)
Poster #7: Considerar La Cultura/ Consider Culture (PA Practice Standard I-H) (printed on silver paper)

Optional FlipCharts:
FlipChart #1: Welcome/Bienvenidos
FlipChart #2: PA Prevalance
FlipChart #3: History, Migration
FlipChart #4: Engaging Families
FlipChart #5: What Is in a Name
FlipChart #6: Definition of Acculturation
FlipChart #7: Areas of Concern
FlipChart #8: Take Time
FlipChart #9: Holistic Approach
FlipChart #10: Culture Traditions
FlipChart #11: Family Dynamics
FlipChart #12: Parenting Styles
FlipChart #13: Cultural Components
FlipChart #14: Parting Words

Trainer Resources:
Trainer Resource #1: Sample ID’s from Latin American countries
Trainer Resource #2: U.S. Latinos Becoming Legal Permanent Residents (LPR’s)’
Trainer Resource #3: Information for History of Sub-Group Activity
Trainer Resource #4: Interview with a Translator video script / Trabejando con un Traductor
Trainer Resource #5: Additional Information on Latin American Culture
Trainer Resource #6: Information on Hazelton Immigrant Discrimination case
Trainer Resource #7: Current Trends with Latino Families in Child Welfare
Trainer Resource #8: Cultural Competency Indicators
Trainer Resource #9: Interviewing the Family: An Ethnographic Perspective
Trainer Resource #10: U.S. Census Definitions: What’s in a name?
Trainer Resource #11: Suggested Reading List

Table Copies:
Risk Assessment Matrix
Safety Assessment Form