305: Engaging Absent Fathers

Pre-Training Activity
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Guide to Handouts
Handout 1: Learning Objectives
Handout 2: Agenda
Handout 3: Impact of Father Absence
Handout 4: Pennsylvania CFSR and Child Welfare Work with Fathers
Handout 5: What are My Filters
Handout 6: Research Findings About Father Involvement
Handout 7: Fatherhood Test
Handout 8: Trends in Fatherhood
Handout 9: Fatherhood Definitions
Handout 10: Father’s Legal Rights as a Parent
Handout 11: Definition of Aggravated Circumstances
Handout 12: Process for Locating Absent Fathers
Handout 13: Establishing Paternity
Handout 14: Resources and Support Services
Handout 15: Defining Fathers’ Growth towards Self Improvement
Handout 16: Activities for Fathers
Handout 17: Fathers and Child Development
Handout 18: Bibliography
Handout 19: Computer Sites
Handout 20: Desmond Doyle Case Study
Handout 21: Video Questions
Handout 22: Pennsylvania Risk Assessment Form
Handout 23: Risk/Severity Continuum
Handout 24: Safety Assessment Worksheet and Instructions
Handout 25: Engaging a Specific Father
Handout 26: Barriers to Father Involvement
Handout 27: Thompson/Jacobs Script – Part 1
Handout 28: Thompson/Jacobs Script – Part 2
Handout 29: Transfer of Learning

Guide to Overheads
Overhead #1: Learning Objectives
Overhead #2: Agenda
Overhead #3: Impact of Father Absence
Overhead #4: Pennsylvania CFSR and Child Welfare Work with Fathers
Overhead #5: Bias Definition
Overhead #6: Fatherhood Definitions
Overhead #7: Aggravated Circumstances Definition
Overhead #8: Process for Locating Absent Fathers
Overhead #9: Effective Father Programs
Overhead #10: Resources and Support Services
Overhead #11: Questions About Resources
Overhead #12: Barriers to Father Involvement
Overhead #13: Strategies for Enlisting Mothers’ and Resource Family Support
Overhead #14: Phases of the Shulman Helping Model
Overhead #15: Shulman Helping Skills
Overhead #16: Tips for Fathers – PFSA
Overhead #17: Father and Child Reunion Tips

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