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303: Casework with Children: Reactive Attachment Disorder in Children and Adolescents

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Guide to Handouts
Handout 1: Learning Objectives
Handout 2: DSM IV Diagnostic Criteria for 318.89
Handout 3: Characteristics of Children with RAD
Handout 4: Normal Cycle of Attachment
Handout 5: Continuum of Attachment
Handout 6: Symptom Comparison ADIID, Bipolar Disorder, RAD
Handout 7: Case Management Principles
Handout 8: Case Management Case Studies
Handout 9: Medications
Handout 10: Therapy Comparison
Handout 11: Principles of Attachment Therapy
Handout 12: Characteristics of The Effective Attachment Therapist
Handout 13: Therapy Pros and Cons
Handout 14: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Handout 15: Neurofeedback (EEG Feedback)
Handout 16: Is Your Child Sensory Defensive?
Handout 17: Principles of Attachment Parenting
Handout 18: Parenting Case Studies
Handout 19: Resources

Guide to Overheads
Overhead 1: Learning Objectives
Overhead 2: Normal Cycle of Attachment
Overhead 3: RAD-Q Sample {! page) Overhead 4: Attachment Behavior Q-set
Overhead 4: Attachment Behavior Q-set
Overhead 5: Case Management Principles
Overhead 6: Principles of Attachment Therapy
Overhead 7: Therapist Provides
Overhead 8: Principles of Attachment Parenting



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