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209:Family Reunification and Case Closure in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

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1: Pennsylvania Safety Threats Relevant to Sexual Abuse
2: A Closer Look at Protective Capacities
3: Assessment Tools and Objective Measures of Alleged Sex Offenders
4: Family Treatment Milestones
5: Perpetrator Treatment Milestones for Reunification
6: Assessing Risk: The Victim
7: Assessing Risk: The NOP
8: Apology Letters
9: Safety Plan Scenario
10: Desired Results of Clarification Sessions
11: Progressive Steps in Visitation
12: Rules for Visits in the Community Setting
13: Commonalities and Differences Among Female and Male Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse
14: My Action Plan
15: Bibliography

1: Competency and Learning Objectives
2: Training Agenda
3: Protective Capacities: Three Areas of Functioning
4: Quote re: Safety of Child
5: Stages of Treatment
6: Family Treatment Milestones
7: Statistics Related to Victims Recanting Abuse
8: Treatment Milestones for Reunification
9: Desired Results of Clarification Sessions
10: Instructions for Visitation Activity
11: Factors to Consider for Case Closure
12: Female Offender Statistics

1: Scaling Question
2: Scaling Question
3: Scaling Question



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