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203: Investigative Interviewing in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Workshop Directory

Handout 1: Agenda
Handout 2: Objectives of the Investigation
Handout 3: The Mary Referral
Handout 4: How a Sexual Abuse Allegation Meets the Safety Threshold
Handout 5: Information Gathering
Handout 6: African American Families
Handout 7:. Latino Families
Handout 8: Asian, Pacific Islander and Filipino American Families
Handout 9: Guidelines for Working with the Amish Community
Handout 10: Use of Translators
Handout 11: More About Mary
Handout 12: OCYF Bulletin: PA Supreme Court Decision Update
Handout 13:. Structuring Interview Questions
Handout 14: Developmental Issues in Interviewing Children
Handout 15: Checklist for Interviewing/Questioning Children
Handout 16: Factors Used in Assessing Children’s Statements
Handout 17: Non-Offending Parent Interview Issues: Beginning and Introductions Stage
Handout 18: Non-Offending Parent Interview Issues: Questioning and Clarification Stage
Handout 19: Assessment Tools for Alleged Sexual Offenders
Handout 20: Sexual History Taking Guidelines
Handout 21: Family Cohesion, Adaptability and Communication
Handout 22: Scenario: Interviewing the Identified Child
Handout 23:. Scenario: Interviewing the Non-Offending Parent
Handout 24: Scenario: Interviewing the Alleged Perpetrator
Handout 25: Action Plan
Handout 26: Bibliography

PowerPoint Presentation

Appendix 1: Excerpt from How I Learned to Drive
Appendix 2: Tender Years Act Scramble
Appendix 3: Beginning and Introductions Stage Components
Appendix 4: Focused Questions Cards
Appendix 5: Community Partner Activity Cards

Trainer Resources:
Resource 1: Tender Years Act Scramble Answer
Resource 2: Beginning and Introductions Stage Components Order
Resource 3: The Six Domains as Questions
Resource 4: Additional Information Used in Assessing Children's Statements
Resource 5: Non-Offending Parent Reactions to Disclosure
Resource 6: Delay of Notification
Resource 7: Miranda Warning Transmittal
Resource 8: Additional Information for Community Partners Activity
Resource 9: Characteristics of a Safe Environment
Resource 10: DVD/Video Guide


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